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Tour de Tirol

50' (ENG, GER)
The Tour de Tirol is a three-day-stage race of about 75 km with 3,650 metres of altitude taking place in Söll. A unique race with high standards with the beautiful mountain scenery of the Austrian Alps as its backdrop.

On your mark! Get set! Boom! 42 years old Alexander Bille, a hobby runner from the flatlands, takes on the Tour de Tirol. With his strength, determination and the camera as eager companions, Alexander shows just what it takes to make it to the finish line. During these three days, we watch him from above and along the route to the finish line and interview him before and after the race. Alex knew it would be hard, but he did not know just HOW hard it was going to be.

The boom of the starter gun indicates go and go they went. On the first day, the finish line is set at 10km.  The second day is a 52km marathon over a mountainous trail and the final day is a 23 km trail rum with plenty altitude. The Söller Zehner, the Kaisermarathon Söll and the Pölven Trail. It is quite an insane challenge but with this race one gets to know one’s body, one’s limits and one’s drive to succeed. From this race one finds out what one is capable of!


Original Title: Tour de Tirol
Year: 2016
Length: 50' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: 4K
Film by: Simon Busch
Produced by: Busch Media Group

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