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2077 – 10 Seconds to the Future

4 x 60' (ENG, POR)
Imagine our planet in the future. Will we be a multi-planet species with a lifespan of 110 years? Will human life be replaced by computers?

With continuous discoveries in nanotechnology, our constant thirst for knowledge and our advancement in technological expertise, our relation to robots once they are more cognitively aware of their environment will be different. We are entering an age where it will soon be difficult to differentiate between the physical and the digital.

The next few decades will undergo the biggest and fastest transformations ever - in technology, science and interpersonal relations. We are living in a scientific accelerator with irreversible consequences where our choices today will change the world of tomorrow. With the aid of influential personalities in the global society such as theoretical physicists, pathologists and geopolitical forecasters, we attempt to address these unanswered questions. This series is a journey which connects the present with the past to show us how we can influence the future.


1. Mutation
2. Global Estrangement
3. New Nomads
4. An Unquenchable Thirst

Original Title: 2077 – 10” para o futuro
Year: 2017
Length: 4 x 60' (ENG, POR)
Resolution: HD
Film by: António José de Almeida, Pedro Clérigo
Produced by: RTP, Panavideo

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    Trailer - English
  • Ep1: Mutation

    Screener - Portuguese
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