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Superintelligence – Beyond Human

52', 7 x 15 (ENG, GER, FRE)
How clever is artificial intelligence? Do we need to fear it, or can it help humanity with its problems? And if so, to what extent?

The documentary pursues these questions, while providing informative yet satirical insights into the current development of artificial intelligence. The film juxtaposes the concepts of science fiction and reality, creating an experience that will leave the viewer captivated and full of thought. There is still much about the capabilities of AI that is unknown, come with us on this journey of the future.

Original Title: Helena – Die Künstliche Intelligenz
Year: Release: December 2019
Length: 52', 7 x 15 (ENG, GER, FRE)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: Bilderfest, BR, MDR, arte

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