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Siberia's Rolling Clinic

45' (ENG, GER)
We take you on a journey through the siberian winter on a rolling hospital.

Lonely, cold and inaccessible – isolation is the leading cause for poor medical provisions in Siberian villages. But now the Russian government is providing medicine trains – rolling hospitals – to ensure basic medical care for all. From surgery rooms to modern laboratories, the trains are well equipped. We travel through the world, which only knows nine months of winter. We meet people, who live a simple life and work hard. And we accompany doctors, who sacrifice themselves, to help as many people as possible.

In the past three months, "Doctor Waino-Jassenezki" has travelled thousands of kilometres offering medical assistance. The colorfully painted train from the GDR era that is named after the Doctor and Archbishop Luke rolls through the remote, snow-covered landscapes of Eastern Russia. In October its journey begins in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk - from there the train heads north, where the medical staff will have to endure six months of jerky rides through dark forests and plain white land. On board the eight coaches are the latest medical technologies and a team of 20 doctors, nurses and for spiritual healing, a priest. One of the coaches is used as a chapel.  The train is a splash of colour in an otherwise deep white ravine and a glimmer of hope for the people removed from civilization- People who would otherwise have little access to medical care.


Original Title: Mit dem Medizinzug durch Sibirien
Year: 2016
Length: 45' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Peter Moers, Evgenij Rudnii
Produced by: Moers Media, NDR

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