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One Year in Norway‘s Lofoten

2 x 45' (ENG)
Far above the arctic circle, in the North of Norway lies a group of islands called Lofoten, dubbed “one of the most beautiful places on earth” by countless travelers.

At 69 degrees north, Lofoten is also an area with one of the most extreme natural environments on the planet. But for ages, small fishing villages and communities have insisted on surviving between the tall mountains and wild ocean. Few places are so formed by nature as Lofoten, representing a lifestyle soon forgotten – one where nature decides. In this film, we will give a unique portrait of Lofoten, through its people and their life in dialogue with nature. This is a portrait of Lofoten and its people, through a year. The film will follow the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Original Title: Ein Jahr auf den Lofoten
Year: 2020
Length: 2 x 45' (ENG)
Resolution: 4K
Produced by: Alfred Film, NDR, Filmfond North, North Norwegian Film Center

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