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Men of Hope

2 x 45', 95' (GER, ENGsubs)
Hope remains strong in Afghanistan.

“The most dangerous job in the world of football,” read the title of a newspaper article about coach Petar Segrt. The German-Croation coach is committed to getting the Afghan national football team to qualify for the 2019 Asia cup. The team currently holds the 150th place in the FIFA world rankings, but Segrt wants to take them to the top. The team has not been able to play home matches in its own country for decades, due to national security reasons. In the past many of the team’s members have fled the country for safety, and many still have family members scattered around the world. The struggle that Segrt and the team face reflects the daily struggle of Afghan towards a better future. During every game, all fear and violence are put aside and give way to endless optimism and positive energy. With every victory, the euphoria of football brings the divided country closer together. Segrt has become a “man of hope” for the fans, but the road to a united, peaceful Afghanistan is challenging. Cologne filmmakers Andreas Fröhlich and Till Derenbach’s spend three years in Afghanistan filming and becoming a part of history, but their journey takes an unforeseeable turn.

Original Title: Men of Hope
Year: 2019
Length: 2 x 45', 95' (GER, ENGsubs)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: Zeitsprung

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    Trailer - German with English subtitles
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    Screener - German with English subtitles
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