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Save Our Forests

5 x 30' (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Healthy forests are essential for our climate and the diversity of flora and fauna.

Unfortunately, they are under a constant threat worldwide for survival. Drought and hurricanes caused by climate change as well as pollutants from agriculture and transport are detrimental to the lifespan of a forest. In addition to ecological causes, economic factors can be just as harmful. In South America, rainforests are being cleared and converted to grazing land to make way for cattle herds and satisfy increasing meat consumption. At the same time. Organised crime has discovered the timber industry as a particularly profitable sector. In the film, we accompany the optimistic figures in their everday struggle to protect their forests.

1. The Traditionalists / Wendland (Germany)
2. The lateral thinkers / Lübeck (Germany)
3. The Investigator / Lyon (France)
4. The defiantly / Nordics
5. The Fighters / Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Original Title: Waldretter
Year: 2019
Length: 5 x 30' (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: doc.station, ZDF, arte

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