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Italy - Land of Myths and Secrets

3 x 52’ (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Immerse yourself in an ancient land that is world renowned for its beauty, food, and culture.

This film takes the viewer on a vacation to three Italian regions: Puglia, Tuscany, and Umbria. Each region contributes something different in turning Italy into what it is today, yet all share the unparalleled Italian charm. Puglia is known to have some of the most beatiful landscapes in the world. Tuscany, one of the most famous Italian regions, is renowned for its wine. Umbria is considered the heart of Italy, home to many famous artists. We take the viewer to each of these regions, highlighting the characteristics that make each of them so special.

1. Tuscany
2. Apulia
3. Umbria

Original Title: Italiens Unbekannter Süden - Land der Rätsel und Geheimnisse
Year: 2018-2020
Length: 3 x 52’ (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: Casei Media, NDR, arte

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  • Ep1: Tuscany

    Screener - German
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