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The Wolf Pack – Friend or Foe?

45' (GER, ENG subs)
More and more wolves are being found in Europe, and with that there has been a rise in unease and fear of the predators in the public eye.

But how dangerous are wolves to humans? To find the answer, we dedicated two years to lurking in the habitat of the beasts of prey. With a variety of candidly caught videos, our film grants viewers a first-hand account of the private life of the wolf packs living deep within the woods of Europe.

The pack portrayed around the male 'Leo' has its territory on a military training area  in Germany. For the first time it was possible to gain a close-up insight into the private lives of predators. All recordings were made in the wild without exception. No picture for this documentation was shot in an enclosure or with tame wolves. Against the background of the latest scientific findings and intensive research, our film tells a true story full of life, joy, drama and death. It shows how well the wolves find their way in our cultural landscape, but also what can go wrong if people react wrongly.

Fotos: ©WDR

Original Title: Familie Wolf - Gefährliche Nachbarn?
Year: 2017
Length: 45' (GER, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Herbert Ostwald, Sebastian Koerner
Produced by: Längengrad Filmproduktion, WDR

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