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The Wild Andes

3 x 52', 90' (ENG, GER, FRE)
The Andes: a bountiful and mellifluous landscape and home to nature’s most unique animals. It is a treasure chest filled with Mother Nature’s jewels.

The Andes is not just the longest chain of mountains on the planet, it is the most dynamic. Monkeys with thick wool coats, scimitar-billed hummingbirds, and the ultimate specialist in thin air – the Andean condor are just a taste of what is to be found here. The three part series will not only portray charismatic animals such as the puma and spectacled bear, it also features unique animal behaviour and finds the rarest animals of the continent – such as the recently discovered Olinguito. You will experience wildlife in the most stunning environments, from mystical cloud forests down to majestic glacial valleys.

From the tropical northern Andes to the chain’s frigid southern tail, this will be an emotional, exhilarating, cinematic revelation!


1. Life in the Clouds
2. Extreme Survival
3. Patagonia Untamed

Original Title: Wilde Anden
Year: Release Summer 2018
Length: 3 x 52', 90' (ENG, GER, FRE)
Resolution: 4K
Film by: Christian Baumeister
Produced by: Light & Shadow, WDR, NDR, arte, Smithsonian, SRF, SVT

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