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The Moor

52' (ENG, SPA), 45' (GER, FRE)
The film shows the biodiversity of the often rarely recognized habitat - and it is a quiet appeal to save and preserve the last moors intact.

Nature holds many surprises in a moor: It seems as if some of the most bizarre and colourful members of our native species live in the bog. Plants that eat animals live here and so does mushrooms that suck the life out of plants. The rutting dance of the Great snipes and the hatching of a great crane chick are just a few of the miracles happening in a moor every season.

Amazing discoveries are to be made here. It is a colourful community of creatures, a habitat with many faces. The vegetation acts as a sponge, soaking up all surplus water and the small silver heads of the cotton grass emerges from brown blades. Turf wars between adder snakes and the enveloping and digesting of small insects by plants are wonders to be seen deep inside the moor. 

Please note: the Spanish version is in Neutral Spanish.

Original Title: Das Moor
Year: 2013
Length: 52' (ENG, SPA), 45' (GER, FRE)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Jan Haft
Produced by: nautilusfilm, BR, arte, ORF

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