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Frozen Secrets

52' (ENG)
This is a fascinating journey through time to unearth some icy treasures.

The glaciers of the Alps are melting down due to climate change, releasing an invaluable treasure - artefacts, human beings and other testimonies of the past preserved in the ice. Historians have found objects from the First World War when the Frontline was over 3,000 metres high. The objects today make us aware of how hard the lives of soldiers were at these altitudes. Also glacier archaeologists found wooden remains from the Bronze Age that give us fascinating information about life about 4,000 years ago. A very special discovery were the remains of a couple that died on the glacier 75 years ago. Their daughter Marceline had never given up hope that her parents would one day be found - the ice made it possible.

Original Title: Geheimnisse aus dem Eis
Year: 2019
Length: 52' (ENG)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Frank Gensthaler
Produced by: Spiegel TV, BR, SRF, arte

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