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On Sisi‘s Traces in Venice

45' (GER), 52' (ENG, GER, ITA)
Empress Sisi was no cliché ruler. When she made her unexpected escape to Venice, it revealed only a hint of her extreme intellect.

When Empress Elisabeth of Austria fled to the water city of Venice in November 1861, she did not receive a warm welcome. The population of the Serenissima eagerly anticipated the end of the Habsburg’s foreign rule. However, after she left other refuges like Madeira and Corfu, the empress preferred the semi-hostile Venice to the Danube Monarchy. She even began to favor Venice’s Palazzo Reale over Vienna’s Hofburg Palace. We set off on a journey to follow the traces of the empress’ visit and witness the cliché-labeled young empress Sisi from an entirely new perspective: as a self-confident woman, who did not shy away from asserting her dominance against an emperor.

On the trail of the young empress, we undertake gondola rides, see sights through the eyes of the Empress, and roam the gardens of Venice. For the first time in history, the gates of the mysterious Giardino Eden open for a film team at the Giudecca. Historical details from Habsburgs of Venice and interviews with expert on Empress Sisi Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen gives us a full understanding of the history. Documentary filmmakers Burgl Czeitschner and Alexandra Czernin-Morzin take us through one of the most important periods of the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.
Original Title: Auf Sisis Spuren in Venedig
Year: 2020
Length: 45' (GER), 52' (ENG, GER, ITA)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Burgl Czeitschner, Alexandra Czernin-Morzin
Produced by: Dr. Burgel Czeitschner Filmproduktion, ORF III

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