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60' (ITA, ENG subs)
Strong stories of civil resistance from Scampia: the infamous suburban district of Naples and described in Roberto Saviano’s bestseller “Gomorrah”

Scampia is an area controlled by the Camorra and considered Europe's biggest drug market. This documentary meets ordinary citizens in their daily struggle against organized crime, unemployment and social decay. Despite the hard conditions there’s still room for hope and a smile while they try to make their neighbourhood a better place to live.

Don Aniello, a proactive priest openly fighting the Camorra and drug addiction; Ciro, founder of (R)esistenza, an anti-Camorra association working with the younger generation for the culture of legality; Angelo, an environmental activist against the illegal burning of toxic industrial waste; Daniela, mother of five kids with a past of drug addiction and today a volunteer social worker for a rehabilitation community; Tonino, for over 20 years a feared Camorra boss. With the help of Don Aniello, Tonino was able to quit his criminal life and today earns his living working as a gardener. We also meet Daniele with his rock band A67 engaged with their music in fighting the Camorra culture; Emanuele, a young poet, who lived with his family in the "Vele di Scampia" the horrible housing estate that has become the symbol of the area's decay.

Original Title: Resistenza
Year: 2012
Length: 60' (ITA, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Francesco Cavaliere
Brochure: Autentic_Distribution_Resistenza_Flyer.pdf

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