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Samurai Architect Tadao Ando

52' (GER, JAP, ENG subs), 75' (JAP)

This motion picture will take a close look at the prize winning Samurai Architect, Tadao Ando.

The spotlight is on the award winning Japanese architect, Tadao Ando, for his refined and minimalistic designs. The understated creations of the 72-year-old former boxer and self-taught architect are stark contrasts to his take-charge personality, sharp tongue and unique sense of humor. So, from where does he draw his inspiration? This yearlong documentary will follow Ando, unveiling his creative process as well as the man behind the designs and special emphasis will be placed on his current challenge in China.

Tadao Ando is a world-renowned architect and the recipient of the Nobel Prize of Architecture – the Pritzker Architecture Prize. He has captivated people around the globe with elegant concrete designs that reflect the Zen principle of simplicity.

In sharp contrast to Ando’s refined minimalist creations, the 72-year-old former boxer and self- taught architect has an aggressive personality, a sharp tongue and a unique sense of humor. These seemingly contradictory traits add to his appeal and when combined with his demanding sense of discipline and his keen aesthetic sense, they help to explain why he has been called the “Samurai Architect.”



Year: 2016
Length: 52' (GER, JAP, ENG subs), 75' (JAP)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Shigenori Mizuno, Yu Nakamura
Produced by: NHK/NEP, Autentic

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