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MIPTV 2019

Rebels for the Olympic Games (WT)

5 x 30‘, 3 x 52‘ (ENG, GER, FRE)
For the first time in history, skateboarding will be an Olympic discipline at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

While the interest in traditional sports such as hammer throw or ice-skating is falling and young people are less and less interested in the Olympic Games, skateboarding appears as an attractive way to revitalize popularity. The high athletic level of the charismatic skaters, their individual attitude to life and the young fans, who are more than enthusiastic about the sport offer a lot of potential for this. But the invitation to the Olympics and the need to set up an Olympic team are major challenges for the skate world. The series forms a “coming of age” of the skateboarding culture, as it transitions through adolescence, with all its insecurities and fears, to finding a place in society and redefining it.

How do you move on when the controversial has become the conventional? When your private little world becomes a global sport? When your only means of individual freedom, is hijacked by corporate interests and judgment?
The skateboarding culture was once a roadhouse for the culturally marginalized. Half a century ago, kids turned ghettos into canvasses and ruins into statues, as they reclaimed the very essence of free spirit in the midst of culturally monotone oppression. Skaters today represent a generation also faced with the challenges of a global world. Rises in nationalism, Brexit, depressed southern economies, detached governments. 
This film follows five European protagonists, who for better or worse have dedicated their lives to skateboarding. How do they find the courage to move on from the past, if they can‘t see the future?
Original Title: Rebels for the Olympic Games (WT)
Year: 2020
Length: 5 x 30‘, 3 x 52‘ (ENG, GER, FRE)
Resolution: 4K
Produced by: BoomtownMedia, ZDF, arte

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