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Autentic Distribution - Press Release  MIPCOM 2018

12.10.2018 10:32 Uhr

Autentic Distribution - Press Release MIPCOM 2018

Of Northern Lights and Catalan Counts

With breaking new topics and impressions of hidden beauties of the world, Autentic Distribution will travel to MIPCOM 2018 with more than 100 hours of new programmes in the luggage.

Current Affairs: From drug abuse in the US to the downsides of mass tourism

The United States of America are facing a massive drug problem. According to latest statistics there is a rapid increase of drug related deaths and the use of Heroin has been declared to a national emergency by president Donald Trump himself. Several of our new films deal with this problem, among them Heroin: Walking Dead (52’) by the Spanish production company Cuerdos de Atar, which is looking at the personal stories and the shocking facts told by officers, judges or undertakers. Medea Film’s Overdosed in West Viginia - The Opioid Crisis (52’) on the other side draws the attention to the parallels in Europe and the industry that lies beneath. WDR present a 5-part series dealing with the downsides of mass tourism: Mass Tourism - Massive Problems? (5x45’) does not intend to spoil travelling but wants to draw critical attention to the side effects of mass tourism and sharpen the awareness for a conscientious approach to other cultures and environments.

History: From the Holy Roman Empire to a sovereign Catalonia

In our History section we acquired two topnotch series from Spain. La Xarxa’s Counts - The Origins of Catalonia (2x52’ or 4x30’) shows that the demand for a sovereign state of the Catalan nation goes back to the 9th century. The series reconstructs the highly politically charged period when the first Catalan counts tried to achieve independence from the Carolingian empire. With the existing references in mind, this documentary makes the dramatization as historically faithful as possible. In the series Charles V: Ruling Empires (5x30’) Orange Production went on a journey in Charles V’s footsteps. It was said that the empire of Charles V was so great that "the sun never set" - it towered from South America throughout Europe up to Asia. The docu-drama and travelogue tells the most important moments of Charles V's life: his first trip to Castile, his rivalry with Luther and his landing in Laredo. We accompanyhim from his birth in Ghent in 1500, on his many travels through his empire until his death in the Monastery of Yuste in 1558. A group of national and international history consultants will provide the correct interpretation of the imperial journey with their own interventions throughout the series which captivates through its extensive re-enactments by famous actors like Mario Zorilla playing the role of Charles and with the use of more than a thousand extras.

Beauties of the Earth: Andes, Black Sea and Northern Lights

Explore the beauties of the Earth – Uniformity and Contrasts. It is a trip that discovers the beauty of The Black Sea Coast (5 x 52’) and takes stock of the values, challenges and hopes that shape the lives of the people from this largely unknown corner of the earth. Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria couldn’t be more different from each other. A region with historical settlements, that stretch back to over 3,000 years, characterized by contrasts which emerged from tumultuous histories, old traditions and a euphoric atmosphere.

The Wild Andes (3x52’ or 90’) are a bountiful and mellifluous landscape and home to nature’s most unique animals. The Andes are not just the longest chain of mountains on the planet, it is the most dynamic. Monkeys with thick wool coats, scimitar-billed hummingbirds, and the ultimate specialist in thin air – the Andean condor are just a taste of what is to be found here. You will experience wildlife in the most stunning environments, from mystical cloud forests down to majestic glacial valleys. From the tropical northern Andes to the chain’s frigid southern tail, this will be an emotional and exhilarating cinematic revelation in 4K!

Well above the Arctic circle, in the far north of Norway, the small town Tromsø is experiencing an invasion of tourists. People from all over the world are travelling halfway across the globe to get to the arctic town. The reason: to experience the Northern Lights. In our series Chasing the Northern Lights (10x60’) by Norwegian Alfred Films, the locals of Tromsø are trying to wow the tourists with experiences like whale watching, northern lights safari, dog- or reindeer sledging, and even locally produced whiskey, to mention some. In this setting, surrounded by awestriking mountains and white snow as far as the eye can see, large, and sometimes small human dramas unfold. We are going to follow several locals, in their attempts to keep the tourists happy. With humor, charm and love for the characters, this series will make us laugh and also shows some spectacular visuals.