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Cannabis - Intoxication and Medicine

30' (GER)
Cannabis - discover different usage models around the world: the laid back Dutch model vs the strict model, where only critically ill patients are allowed to use cannabis.

The USA before the big Cannabis frenzy and the state of Colorado rising as a pioneer. The legalization of cannabis for medical purposes as well as for consumption appears to be unstoppable in the USA. The industry is booming and might become the next billion-dollar market. The Dutch model with the coffee shops, where Marijuana and hash can be sold and consumed, is soon 40 years old. The proportion of cannabis users is nevertheless not higher than the European average. In Germany, only critically ill patients with a special permit are allowed to use cannabis. The few cannabis drugs on the market are extremely expensive and are usually not covered by insurance. In desperation, some patients resort to the illegal cultivation of cannabis.

Original Title: Cannabis – Rausch und Medizin
Year: 2015
Length: 30' (GER)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: NZZ

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