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Mallorca at its Limits

30' (GER)
In 2016, 14 million tourists flocked to the vacation island Mallorca. A story about Mallorca’s fight against the masses.

Some who visit later decided to make their stay permanent. Many vacationers have become locals. The mass tourism that the island has been experiencing since the 1960s has proven to be more of a curse rather than a blessing. Although tourism is the main source of income in Mallorca, the natives of the island feel as though they have been robbed of their homeland.

Water shortage and mountains of garbage, beaches enclosed by hotels and contaminated oceans, bellowing drunkards at the pub Ballerman and hordes of tourists from cruise ships in Palma’s historical center, too much traffic and rapidly increasing rental costs. The movement currently includes a large portion of the native populous and their clear demand is: we want our island back!
Original Title: Mallorca und der Massentourismus: Eine Insel am Limit
Year: 2017
Length: 30' (GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: NZZ
Produced by: NZZ

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