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Rwanda - Female Power

30' (GER)
A small country in the heart of Africa has become a symbol of woman power.

In Rwanda, there are more women in parliament than in the every other country in the world: a positive fact with a sad cause that goes back more than 20 years.  The genocide experienced by the Tutsi and the Hutu ethnic group of 1994 had cost approx. one million people their lives, most of whom were men. All that was left was a destroyed land to be rebuilt by widows and daughters. It was the beginning of a profound change that led to the Rwanda of today – one of the safest and cleanest countries in Africa.

Most of the young women in the capital Kigali were well educated and they pushed forward with innovative ideas and long-term thinking that quickly redeveloped the once destroyed country. Whether it’s fashion designing, video production or carpentry: more than half of the small and mid-sized businesses are in the hands of women.
Original Title: Ruanda – Land in Frauenhand
Year: 2017
Length: 30' (GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: NZZ
Produced by: NZZ

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