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Leiche im Anhänger

45' (GER)
One is encouraged to be thy brother’s keeper – does that extend to murder?

On a January day in 2012 a murder happens in a garage in Germany’s Eifel: two shots, one corpse but no police please. Instead blameless villagers are helping the murderer to conceal what occurred, for more than two weeks. Hide the body in a cellar, clean the scene of the crime, disperse the weapon, put the corpse in a trailer, park it in the town – and then off to the rubbish dump. The secret stays until a leg of the dead person is visible in the pile of rubbish …

In January 2012, there was a murder in a garage in the Eifel - Two shots, one corpse but no police. Instead reporting the murder, the inhabitants of the small village decided to stage one of the biggest cover up in the history of the Eifel. For more than two weeks, they managed to keep the murder a secret. The corpse was brought to a basement, the crime cleaned to perfection, the murder weapon disappeared. The final act to make was clean getaway was to make the corpse disappear. With great difficulty, the corpse was dragged to a trailer to be transported to the village and then to the dump. It was only after a leg was found among the mountain of garbage, that a full investigation was launched.

How was this possible? “Well in this village everybody looks out for each other. To carry stones, in the garden and so”, states the sister of the murderer, “But that doesn’t extend to hiding a corpse on a trailer”. She had returned from her vacation to see her brother being arrested for murder. She could never anticipate that her brother would kill his ex-con best friend.  “Why did he get involve with a person like that?”, asks the sister, “ and what role did their father, who should have also be present at the time of the murder, play in all of this?” Since her brother’s arrest, the sister has tried to talk to their father about what actually occurred, but remains silent. The sister is now in charge of the garage but since the incident, there has been little to no customers. Instead she has to endure constant threats of revenge from the family of the deceased. 

Fotos: ©WDR

Original Title: Corpse in a Trailer
Year: 2015
Length: 45' (GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Ulrike Schweitzer, Britta Windhoff
Produced by: WDR, Kilimann TV-Produktion

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