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Trails in the World

6 x 60' (ENG, ESP)

A journey across the trails of the world…. Whether by bicycle or motorbike, on foot or on horseback…let’s set it off!

Hiking and biking will help us to discover spectacular places and unknown land-sites from the Inca Trail in Peru through Spain's Extremadura to the Way of St. James in Norway. We get to meet the local population, drink and eat the regional food and take part in fiestas and traditions. But we will also look for spaces to relax and visit the cultural sites. Travel through waterfalls and gorges to amazing peaks and cosy shelters. A quest filled with action and adventure. You will enjoy the trip the active way!

Until recently, tourism had been associated with the search for exotic destinations, idyllic beaches or endless tours across populous cities. Nowadays, tourists are on the prowl for destinations that differ dramatically from the frenzied pace of today's lifestyle.

Trails in the world is a thirteen-episode documentary series that shows hiking trails in all five continents. During our journey we will also visit more than thirty pathways to know their natural environment, the historical heritage at the foot of these trails, as well as leisure possibilities, gastronomy or ancient traditions.
Original Title: Trails in the World
Year: Release expected in January 2019
Length: 6 x 60' (ENG, ESP)
Resolution: 4K
Film by: Juan Frutos
Produced by: Orange Productions, RTVE

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  • Episode 1

    Screener - Spanish
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