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Football - The Birth of a Passion

90' (ENG, SPA)
The fascinating history of the world's most beloved sport...

Throughout the centuries and a myriad of cultures, football has taken many forms: from ancient Mayan rituals, to the violent Roman sport designed to harden their soldiers, to the free-for-alls where entire medieval villages confronted each other in the pursuit of pride and honor. It was only in 1863 in England that football took on its modern appearance and separated from the sport of rugby.

That year, the London Football Association created a set of rules that became the definitive rules for football which expanded throughout the world.
Through dramatic historical reconstructions based on archaeological evidence, “Football – The Birth of a Passion” tells the engrossing story from its first humble beginnings…all the way to the formation of FIFA, football's first international association, and on to professional football and the powerful enthusiasm it generates throughout the world.
Original Title: nacimiento de una pasión, El
Year: 2005
Length: 90' (ENG, SPA)
Resolution: SD
Film by: N.N.
Produced by: Produced by Transglobe Pictures and Wanda Films in coproduction with Alameda Films and Real Madrid TV in association with Beta

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