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Food of the Future

30' (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Insects are supposed to have a lot of protein and to be healthy - and new EU regulations will make it easier to offer insects. Are we to soon expect creepy-crawlers on our plates?

Mealworms are a valuable source of protein. Many have already adopted them into their diets. But for most Europeans, the thought of eating insects churns the stomach. The European Union would like to institute a change. Currently, the authorization of insects as a form of food is a legal grey area. Each country can dictate their food laws. For two young men hoping to sell “insect burgers”, this is a big problem. But a new regulation will solve everything.

Fotos: ©WDR

Original Title: Vorsicht der Mehlwurm kommt. Das Essen der Zukunft?
Year: 2018
Length: 30' (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Norbert Lübbers
Produced by: WDR, arte

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