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The Dying King

60' (ENG, GER)

In the open wilderness of Africa, there are only 20.000 lions living a free life. In the last decade, humans have killed hundreds of thousands– mostly for purely hunting purposes.

This documentary describes the still legal industry of lion-killing in South Africa and delves into the work of the animal preservationists of Lionsrock. Lionsrock, which was created as refuge to these big cats, is led by the global animal protection organization Four Paws. The animals that take refuge in this sanctuary have usually escaped captivity in zoos, circuses or private holdings, where they have lived in terrible conditions. Four Paws have since 2007 saved the lives of many lions and still do so today.

In the last couple of years, a new industry has developed called the canned hunting, where animals are bred for 4-5 years then released into a confined area. This confined area is created for the sole purpose optimizing the odds of the hunter obtaining a kill. The corpse of the dead, often male, lion is thereby treated as a trophy. Tourists pay up to 40, 000 USD for this 'privilege'.

This documentary is a story about the work of the global animal protection organization, Four Paws, to save and protect these big cats.

Original Title: The Dying King
Year: 2017
Length: 60' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: 4K
Film by: Andreas Knuffmann
Produced by: Boomerang Film

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