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52', 75' (CRO, ENG subs)
Free follows the path to freedom of a group of people with intellectual disabilities that are locked away in Croatian institutions.

Ivan, Enes, Tina, Kruno, Mirko and Tomo are classified as outcasts of society with a dream of freedom. We will see them institutionalized, isolated, deprived of privacy and robbed of their right to make decisions. But after decades spent in institutions, they are informed of pending release. Come experience with us, what awaits them on the horizon.

After decades spent in institutions, a new beginning awaits them. Ivan has always wanted to be a police officer and now it could be a reality. Enes has bought a video camera and is now documenting his everyday life. Tina and Kruno are thinking about getting married. Mirko and Tomo hope to become football coaches at their favourite local club and Silvia now sings in a church choir.

The camera catches them at their most vulnerable. It captures their perspective on the biggest change in their lives – they can finally fulfill their long-postponed dreams. It is a good opportunity for all of us, those who never had anything to do with these institutions, to start reflecting on our own lives, our freedom and the things we take for granted.


Festivals & Awards:

Liburnia Film Festival 2016 - Best Director
Venice Film Week 2016 - Best Feature Documentary
Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2016 - Best Feature Documentary
Top Indie Film Awards 2016 - Best Feature Documentary
Accolade Global Film Competition 2016 - Award of Merit: Disability Issues

Official Selection:
One World Romania Human Rights International Film Festival 2016
Wales Documentary Film Festival 2016
Lisbon International Film Festival 2016
Near Nazareth Film Festival 2016
New York Sun Film Festival 2016
New York Film Screenings 2016
Toronto Film Week 2016
Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 2016
Esperanza International Film Festival 2016
Swedish International Film Festival 2016
Special Affects Film Festival 2016
Golden Door International Film Festival 2016
Cannes International Film Festival of Disability 2016
Vox Feminae Film Festival 2016
Sprout Touring Film Festival 2016
Guam International Film Festival 2016

Original Title: Free
Year: 2016
Length: 52', 75' (CRO, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Tomislav Zaja
Produced by: Gral Films

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