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Beautiful Krista

90' (GER, ENG subs)
Here comes Germany’s next top model, the beautiful Miss Germany, Krista. The burgeoning star was first discovered by a young farmer in East Frisia.

The farm animal is to be the chief component in building the trademark of the European agri-food industry. But her down-to-earth nature keeps balking at its recovery operations. With loving care and empathy the documentary explores the folly of Krista’s career as the most beautiful cow in Germany.

Krista is a middle-aged mother of three from three different fathers, and she still looks stunning! Her statuesque figure, the grace with which she moves – utterly aristocratic: well balanced, stately and perfectly shaped. "This cow has everything we want in a modern dairy cow. Good feet, well built; a large-framed high performance cow" sums up the judge in the Weser-Ems Hall and crowns Krista the Most Beautiful in Germany – of over 2.5 million dairy cows.

Krista's life changed overnight. As national grand prizewinner she joins the global elite. She is immediately given her own separate box and is subjected to enormous pressure to produce: not just milk now, but ova, her high-performance egg cells, 30 to 40 in each cycle - the global cattle-breeding market is eager for Krista's genes. If all goes to plan, surrogates everywhere will soon carry her calves to term.

With loving care and empathy, this documentary explores the folly of Krista's career. This is the story of a high-yield German cow

Original Title: Die Schöne Krista
Year: 2013
Length: 90' (GER, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Antje Schneider, Carsten Waldbauer
Produced by: Lichtblick Film, ZDF

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