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Amma & Appa

90' (GER, ENG subs)
A culture clash between India and Germany: Amma & Appa tells the story of two married couples; yet from totally different cultural settings: Bavaria and India.

They have come together because their children have fallen in love and would like to get married. This film tells the story of Franziska's and Jay’s parents, of their first meeting and getting acquainted. After a two year long-distance relationship, the two finally persuaded their parents to meet each other. Amma & Appa is a humorous and sensitive exploration of the biographies and love stories of three couples, who are so different yet so similar.

The journey begins in the south of Germany, in Bavaria, where Franziska's parents make their decision to travel to Tamil Nadu. Jay escorts his future parents-in-law to his home in Cuddalore. While Franziska's parents married out of love, the marriage of Jay’s parents was entirely traditionally arranged. It was thus a great shock to Jay’s parents to learn that their son now wished to marry out of love. And what is more: a white girl from Germany. Against this background, this film unfolds its story. It presents this confrontation against a backdrop of cultural boundaries and a search for the roots that might define our love.

Berlinale 2014 - Perspective German Cinema

Warsaw 2014
Mumbai 2014
Zagreb Film Festival 2014

Year: 2014
Length: 90' (GER, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Franziska Schönenberger, Jayakrishnan Subramanian
Produced by: HFF Munich, BR

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