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Yiwu - Bridge to the World

60' (ENG, GER)
A new international hotspot is bustling with energy in south-eastern China – Yiwu. It is the starting point of the longest train connection of the world, crossing Eurasia to Madrid, and the center of trade.

The vibrant city is modern China‘s gateway to the world, a hub of great and growing importance along the new Silk Road. As a focal point of trade, Yiwu transformed from an agrarian region to the proverbial market of the world. We accompany train drivers and staff at the freight station, visit international companies that have consciously chosen the city as their location and dive into the world of international import and export. From small entrepreneurs who produce their products locally and find their way from here to the rest of the world, to the normal station worker who profits from an economically growing city.

Year: 2021
Length: 60' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: Berlin Producers, Servus TV, funded by BRIDOC

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