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Bridges - Connecting Worlds

5 x 52', 10 x 30' (ENG, FRE), 5 x 45' (GER)
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Charles Bridge in Prague, the Tower Bridge in London, the Howrah Bridge of Calcutta - bridges are icons of these world cities and have given them a cultural identity.

They have connected seperated countries, have been strategic points of attack in times of war, and are key in conducting trade. Bridges are cultural monuments, their construction has completely changed over history and impacted the lives of everybody that uses them. The five part series tells the stories of the bridges with special symbolic power, focusing on the people who live with, under, and on them. These creations have formed cultural identities for many populations - also leading to victories, or even tragic defeats.

1. Steel Bridges of the Empire (Scotland/India)
2. Railway Bridges (South Africa/Switzerland)
3. Trade Bridges (Germany/Belgium)
4. Viaducts (France/Wales)
5. Asian Architecture (China/Japan)

Year: January 2020
Length: 5 x 52', 10 x 30' (ENG, FRE), 5 x 45' (GER)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: Berlin Producers, arte

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