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Human Towers

52' (ENG)
When the Catalans celebrate, there is usually something spectacular to see, be it the fireworks, the huge flower carpets of the Enramades or the incredible human towers called Castells.

These towers are made up of children and grandparents, men and women, people of all backgrounds and social status. This 250 years old tradition is a perfect metaphor and an effective demonstration of what people can achieve, if they only work together. Deeply rooted in the Mediterranean, this tradition of building human towers reflects the values of a Europe that is still possible; a collective, caring, cohesive Europe where everyone counts and no one is left out.

Original Title: Human Buildings
Year: 2019
Length: 52' (ENG)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Daniel Serra, Jaume Serra
Produced by: La Xarxa, Klaxon Global Media

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  • Screener, 52'

    Screener - Catalan with English Subtitles
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