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King of the Seas - Sea Eagle

52'(ENG), 45'(GER, FRE)
Follow us into the different habitats of the sea eagle and learn more about this beautiful and fascinating bird of prey.

Featuring spectacular pictures of the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, where sea eagles “piggyback” on the catches of orcas and hunchbacks and pictures of the swamps of Finland, where they enjoy a similar symbiotic relationship with wolves and bears, the film casts a gaze at uncharted territories. Thanks to dedicated conservationists, foresters and hunters, our forests are, now more than ever before, a breeding place for sea eagles.

The times where eagles have been seen as varmints are over. They are now perceived as an integral part of the food cycle. Due to the fact that the habitats of the sea eagles in Germany are largely found in the north-eastern regions that are rich in water, the movie accompanies the eagles to an island, home to hundreds of sea ravens, where they rob the baby sea ravens of their food. They seem to always profit from the successes of the fellow creatures in their habitats. This film introduces you to the expert poachers of the animal kingdom.


Original Title: Seeadler - Der Vogel Phönix
Year: 2015
Length: 52'(ENG), 45'(GER, FRE)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Jan Haft
Produced by: Nautilusfilm, WDR, arte

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