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King of the Mountains - Golden Eagle

52'(ENG), 45'(GER, FRE)

Aerial shots of mating Golden eagles, a fight between a Golden and a White-tailed eagle and a close look into the nursery of these birds combined make a spectacular film. 

This documentary gives an intimate portrait of this large predatory bird and tracks the birth and coming of age of two Golden Eagle chicks in the High Tatra Mountains, from the hatching of the eggs, until the moment when the young birds leave the nest. Tragic and funny moments make this movie an entertaining trip into the treetops of the European forests.

This documentary accompanies the mighty hunters of the skies on patrols across the breathtaking mountain scenery of its hunting ground. While tracking the mighty bird, the wild nature in the hunting ground of the eagle family and the animals and plant life that share their habitat with the "king of the skies" add dimensions to the dynamic portrayal of the powerful creature. The viewer is also right up close with the majestic bird as it, almost without beating its wings, glides over its territory filled with forests and canyons, stops suddenly and swoops down on its prey in a striking nosedive. To see these birds in their habitats is to see them at their best. Join us on a magnificent journey through the skies and the land.  

Original Title: Steinadler - König der Berge
Year: 2015
Length: 52'(ENG), 45'(GER, FRE)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Jan Haft
Produced by: nautilusfilm, WDR, arte, Artpoint, RTVS

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