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75 Years of SUV

52' (ENG)

What makes a particular type of car legendary, even with a history going back 75 years? Grace, intrigue and sportiness!

Excitement surrounds the SUV. It has shaped the worldwide streetscape in its various forms. But how has the operational area of this vehicle changed from accommodating the mud of hilly terrains to the smooth paved surfaces of the boulevards? For over 75 years, compact all-rounder vehicles – SUVs – have taken the world by storm. Emerging out a need to move troops quickly around the battlefield in WWII, the 1940s witnessed the birth of the first off-road prototype. In our documentary, we will go back through time and take you on the ride of a lifetime to find out why the SUV in its matured age is now sexier than ever.

The jeep is the original founder of the mountain climbing, muddy and harsh terrain defying vehicle. But then the Land Rover swept across the scene. Off-road vehicles developed into fun cars as companies such as Porsche and Volkswagen entered into the segment and they have been evolving ever since. In 2006, Nissan launched a compact class, four-wheel drive SUV, the Qashqai, which thanks to its penchant for comfort, luxury and style have today become a phenomenon among SUVs. In the following year, the Tiguan from Volkswagen came onto the scene, stealing the show from its predecessor. With almost 3 million models sold, they, even until today, hold the title of Bestseller in the category. Now, the completely new series, the Evergreen Tiguan have been released onto the market. What is to be expected from these new models? Will they be as successful as the previous model?


Original Title: 75 Years of SUV
Year: 2017
Length: 52' (ENG)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: INFOkontor, n-tv

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