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Macao Gladiators

52', 75' (ENG, GER)
35 riders from all over the world meet every year in Macao, the largest motor sports spectacle of Asia, the Macao Grand Prix.

Mere centimetres decide between the perfect track and certain death. The film follows 3 protagonists 24/7 with their great challenge in Macao and explores their greatest fears, soulful secrets and addiction to speed. The relationship among the three is complex, driven by desires and personal goals. What they have is a special friendship based on deep trust.

Team boss Frank Heidger who started seven times in Macau, is considered a German "2-wheel legend", selected Marc Fissette as the second driver on his team Heidger Motorsport. Fissette is a well-known driver in road racing scene in Belgium and Europe - he won among others the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Didier Grams is accompanied by his father Jens for years. Mechanic and technical director of the team is Albrecht Wendritsch. Each screw must be double-checked. On the nights of the race, Albrecht cannot sleep, always concerned with the question to have all the technical details under perfect control. We look deep into Jens’ soul, who watched races as a teenager in GDR and on vacation at the racetrack fence in Horice , Czech Republic – the beginning of Jens’ race soul. Now, 40 years and a fall of the wall later, he reports deeply touched over the victory of his son Didier on the old traditional track.

Our protagonists come up with clear and wise reflections of turbocaptialism in gamblers paradise Macau, as well as they reflect on their own finitude or the role of being a responsible father. The film tells the story of this underdog-team that competes like "Asterix & Obelix" against the "big teams" in the IRRS scene. At the end of every race remains the hope that all drivers return safe and sound from the biggest adventure of their Life - in the style of modern gladiators.

International Filmfestival Djakarta, Indonesia (Gold Award)

International EURO Film Festival 2014 (Finalist)
International FICTS Festival Milano 2014 (Nominated)
International Film Festival IMA 2014 (Official Selection)
Sport Movie Milano International FICTS Festival 2014 (Official Selection)
Tianjin worldwide final of worlds FICTS challenge 2014 (Official Selection)

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Year: 2014
Length: 52', 75' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Andreas Knuffmann
Produced by: Boomerang Filmproduktion

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