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The Woodstock Bus - Finding the Light

5 x 52' (ENG, GER), 60' (ENG)
It’s one of the most famous and iconic vehicles in history: the Woodstock bus. We’re going on the road in search of America’s ultimate lost symbol.

Our film is a journey to find the lost symbol that will change the world. A Volkswagen bus became the symbol of a generation at the Woodstock festival. It’s among America’s most recognizable painted art treasures. Coming up on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock we’re out to find and restore it to its place in history.

1. The Woodstock festival, the bus, and it’s story
2. Dude Where’s My Bus
3. The Restoration
4. The Art
5. On the Road, The Anniversary Tour

Original Title: The Woodstock Bus - Finding the Light
Year: June 2019
Length: 5 x 52' (ENG, GER), 60' (ENG)
Resolution: 4K
Produced by: Woodstock Bus Production, Autentic

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