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Call of the Wild

10 x 45' (GER, ENG Subs)
The fight against the elements, against hunger, thirst and fatigue, keeps two men busy for weeks. Biologist and survival trainer Joe Vogel accepts to take an inexperienced layman by the hand to show him how to survive in the wild.

Basti will learn how to find his way around the forest, so that in the end he has all the knowledge and craftsmanship to survive alone in the wilderness. He will have to face unexpected challenges and push his limits: he doesn't know yet that every day Joe will take equipment away from him.
In the end he has to survive by what he can find or learned to make: how to make fire without help or build a safe hiding place, catch fish or brush his teeth without any equipment and many more fascinating skills will have to be proven.

This series shows the viewer innumerable tricks and amazing techniques that give him the knowledge of where calories are to be found, how to set traps, how to treat illness and injuries and how to interpret the signs of nature correctly.

But Joe and his student are not satisfied with bare survival. In the horizontally told series they will gradually raise their standard of beeing in the wild. If the first nights are still spent in a primitive shelter, in the end they will be protected by a hut which was built with bare hands. If they literally still live from hand to mouth in the first days, they will smoke meat and fish a little later and show how the meat is preserved for years.
Original Title: Ruf der Wildnis
Year: Release: December 2018
Length: 10 x 45' (GER, ENG Subs)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: Autentic, Südhang Films

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