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The Edge

13x30' (ENG)
Heart pounding, fingers hot on the bow, breath is still and body frozen, hair slowly rising on your neck. The entire journey through the wild, all the anticipation of the hunt, has delivered you right here, to this moment... to The EDGE.

THE EDGE is a hunter’s personal pursuit to push his limits to either conquer nature or face defeat. You’re invited along to meet the wild people, to live their stories and connect to the untouched land of unspoiled nature. Here you will experience the remarkable things you never knew such a journey could entail. From stalking bighorn sheep in the Rockies to competing with the wolves for caribou in the high Arctic and having the occasional run-ins with massive moose in Newfoundland… if the challenge is there, so is THE EDGE.

Season 5


1.     Between a Wolf and a Hard Place
2.     When it Rains it Pours
3.     You Can Lead a Horse to Water
4.     Two in the Bush
5.     Long May Your Jib Draw
6.     Duck, Duck, Goose
7.     Prairie Prize Whitetail
8.     Gone With the Wind
9.     Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
10.   He Who Laughs Loudest
11.   Do It Yourself
12.   A Wounded Deer Leaps the Highest
13.   Best of ‘The EDGE’

Original Title: The Edge
Year: 2015
Length: 13x30' (ENG)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Karen Pickles, Crystal Kadatz
Produced by: Recoil Creative Films, Wild TV

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