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Raising Wildlife

13 x 30' (ENG, GER)

We will get an intimate look at the daily routine of raising wildlife and experience exhilarating friendships between man and beast.

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to a diverse range of land and sea wildlife. Often young animals, big or small need special attention which they receive from their caring and loving caretakers. Meet Vivian who cares for Lindi, a one-eyed lion cub. Having one eye does not restrict Lindi from been a playful and energetic lion cub.

We meet Cara who took in two abandoned and in bad condition baby warthogs, Shatsi and Shalanti. Raising and rehabilitating these two sisters takes time and patience which Cara has plenty of. We meet Wanda who’s love for penguins has earned her the nickname, ‘Granny Penguin’. Wanda’s latest effort to save a hatchling did not fall short of her dedication.

They, along with other wildlife nannies, get up in the middle of the night to feed their foster babies and make sure they are safe and warm. They have dedicated their lives to helping abandoned animals in need. This series shows what it takes to care for these wild animals, the challenges the caretakers face and the obstacles their wildlife counter-parts have to overcome.

You will meet some of Africa’s amazing wildlife, including a Meerkat, Turtle, Caracal, Cape Grys Bok, Kudu, Wild Dog, Zebra, Elephant, Chimpanzee, Gorilla and many more special animals and their caretakers who make it their duty to care for these animals. We will show you just how diverse the wildlife is in Africa and how young wildlife are taken care of and protected in, Raising Wildlife.
Original Title: Raising Wildlife
Year: January 2018
Length: 13 x 30' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: HD
Produced by: Autentic, Urban Brew

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