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La Savine – No Way Out

30' (GER)
Life in the northern districts of Marseille is like that of the Third world. One such district is La Savine. Sequestered on a hill, La Savine is a fortress for heavy drug trade.

There is one way in and one way out – nobody can enter or leave without being noticed. The street poses constant threat- children as young as 12 are recruited by the clan. The residents are also compelled to live by their rules, because to disobey is to endanger your life. You’ve got to be a fighter to survive in these neighbourhoods. For the first time ever a film crew has made its way into the district.

It is not easily accessible and the dealers in the drug trade revel in this circumstance. Lookouts are employed by the clan to alert the dealers of police presence in the district: If no one is caught dealing, then no one can be arrested for breaking the law. The police are powerless.

A daily amount over 6,000 euro worth of hash and cocaine pass over the barricade in the most dangerous area in the district. The residents live in fear of attacks, assaults and vandalism. The destructive nature of the clan can also be seen on the district’s infrastructure- damaged buildings and also demolished cars set the tone for the area. But with the overwhelming power of the clan over the residents, the police stand no chance against the group of law breakers.

Picture © WDR

Original Title: Hier kommst du nicht mehr raus
Year: 2016
Length: 30' (GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Mathias Werth
Produced by: WDR

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