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Doping - Top Secret: The Big Money Run

30' (GER), 45' (ENG)

Lifelong financial security, great living conditions, a better life – the popular sales pitch used to intrigue African athletes. But is coerced doping a part of the package deal?

African athletes are being lured to competing countries with promises of financial security. Instead they are robbed of monetary prizes and commodified. Their patrons require maximum performance so as to secure maximum profit. And they will attain this through any means necessary. Are African athletes being forced to take part in doping? Be sure to watch and find out

For decades now, African runners have dominated long-distance track and field athletics at major marathons, Olympic Games, and World championships. Now, they are changing their nationalities, embracing new identities and making strides in European championships. However, more often than not, they are housed in sub-par conditions and coerced into participating in competitions or are dragged from one competition to another.   

Those who stand to profit the most from such occurrences are the European sports managers and like all businessmen, they aim to maximize profits by ensuring prolonged excellent performance- this is when doping usually comes into play. Are African runners athletes for hire or exploited commodities? Research conducted by the ARD Anti-Doping Editorial Team in collaboration with the British Guardian and the Holland Media Combinatie takes us from Africa to the middle of Germany.

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Doping - Top Secret

Pictures © Getty Images, WDR

Original Title: Geheimsache Doping: Der Lauf ums große Geld - Wie Afrikas Sporthelden verkauft werden
Year: 2017
Length: 30' (GER), 45' (ENG)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Hajo Seppelt, Benjamin Best, Ulrike Unfug, Grit Hartmann
Produced by: EyeOpening.Media, WDR

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