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Putin's Elites - Corruption in the Kremlin

45' (GER, ENG subs)

Putin’s power has declined into a cluster of banditry, the abuse of power and a corrupted justice system. Crisis and corruption plague Putin’s elites.

Russia's President Putin promised to create new employment for the population and ensure a better relationship between administrative authorities and the national economy. He vowed to use his influence as an agency of change to solve the problems threatening the civilization. But were these promises upheld? Many civilians are disgruntled by the happenings in Moscow, where in the period of one night, over 100 buildings were destroyed, and with them the livelihood of thousands of Russian families. The people of Russia have found themselves at the mercy of the authorities. What are they to do when those who have sworn to uphold the rights of the people are the ones to fear? 

In the provinces, government officials have forcefully seized numerous farmlands and the farmers who have resolved to fight are under constant threat and harassment by government sanctioned personnel. Russia's corrupt elites are exploiting the land’s resources while investments in infrastructure and industry are being neglected. In this documentary, we will shed light on the brutal impact of Moscow’s corrupted elites on the people of Russia.



Fotos: ©WDR

Original Title: Putins leere Kassen - Krise und Korruption bedrohen den Kreml
Year: 2016
Length: 45' (GER, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Udo Lielischkies, Norbert Hahn
Produced by: WDR

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