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Palace of Peace: A Refugee Ghetto in Rome

45' (GER, ENG subs)
The inhospitable concrete block in Rome is called the "Palazzo Selam", in English: Palace of Peace. A cynical name for the former university building which has been occupied by refugees since 2006.

No camera team has ever been allowed to film here. But there are many stories to tell – because the hotel is the involuntary home of hundreds of refugees, above all from Africa. Some have lived for years in this refugee ghetto, which is the largest in Europe, shut off from the outside world, almost as if in their own little country. They have taken their lives, their survival, into their own hands, for example the 26-year-old Somali woman Muna or Ali, a 32-year-old political refugee from the Sudan.

Each day new refugees come straight to the hotel from the reception areas in southern Italy. They are already familiar with the name and location of the hotel before they leave Africa and know that they will find protection here and be able to organise their onward journey – because most want to travel to other European countries. They are aware that they will receive no support from the Italian government.

Fotos: ©WDR

Original Title: Palast der Gestrandeten
Year: 2014
Length: 45' (GER, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Chiara Sambuchi, Mathias Werth, Birgit Virnich
Produced by: Lavafilm, WDR

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