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Costa Concordia: The Whole Story

2 x 45' (ENG, GER), 52' (Update GER)
The whole story behind the catastrophic sinking of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 – an amazing tale of errors and missteps that led to one of the biggest shipwrecks since the Titanic.

It is also one of the most complicated ship salvages ever. Using innovative filming techniques and equipment, we probed deep into how engineering and human error led to the disaster. Visiting 10 different countries to interview survivors, families of victims and shipping experts gave us raw materials to better reimagine the tragedy.

Using innovative filming techniques, including micro-drones and underwater film, the amazing story is told from beginning to end. The film was made possible through the producers' unparalleled access to survivors, rescue units and the highest Italian coast guard and fire brigade authorities as well as the islanders who rescued the survivors so they could live to tell their stories.
But the whole story of the Costa Concordia goes far beyond the drama of the 13th January, or even the historic salvage underway, it is also about millions of dollars at stake, for the engineers working on the historic salvage, for the cruise industry that must address serious lapses in sea safety, and for the families who will never be the same since they set foot on the Costa Concordia that fateful night.

Episode 1
Costa Concordia: Dreamship Nightmare. The story of the worst cruise accident since the Titanic, the harrowing moment-by-moment narrative of how it happened, from those who were aboard and the islanders who saved their lives.

Episode 2
Costa Concordia: Rescue and Salvage. In depth description of advanced search and rescue operations to recover survivors and victims from the Costa Concordia as well as the technology and engineering behind the epic, historical salvage operation to refloat the massive ship intact and tow it away.

Original Title: Die letzte Fahrt der Costa Concordia
Year: 2014
Length: 2 x 45' (ENG, GER), 52' (Update GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Andrea Vogt
Produced by: Millstream Films, Autentic

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