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Abortion - A Human Right

52' (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Should women have the right to decide autonomously how to deal with pregnancy terminations or is it a decision that needs to be controlled by the law?

The success of the conservative parties in Europe has caused a major disruption in social order. By constantly debating abortion, these parties have effectively split the society between those who are for abortion and those against. The termination of pregnancies has once again a high brisance – emotional, social and forensic. This documentary shows the realities of women in Germany, France and Poland and the differing rules for abortion. The claim for a uniform rule that applies to all European countries and for a universal right is a growing trend. What are the consequences to the follow?

Fotos: ©WDR

Original Title: Abtreibung - Ein Menschenrecht
Year: 2014
Length: 52' (GER, FRE, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Sabine Rollberg
Produced by: TagTraum, WDR, Arte

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