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Wolfgang Schäuble - Facing the Euro Crisis

45' (ENG, GER)
As a convinced European politician, Wolfgang Schäuble is on a mission to save the Euro.

As he travels through Europe with the mission to negotiate the renunciation of a Greek bankrupt, filmmaker Stephan Lamby documents his highs and his lows, his struggles and his successes, his determination to achieve his goal. Take a peek over the shoulder of Germany's minister of finance as he dashes through Europe negotiating the renunciation of a bankrupt Greece. In the international media, he is often compared to a Nazi; this film, however, gives insights to Wolfgang Schäuble's thoughts and efforts to manage this critical challenge for the Eurozone.

Months of drama: Wolfgang Schäuble dashes through Europe, negotiating for Greece. Can he press the government in Athens into making reforms? Will he accept a Grexit or possibly encourage it? On his countless journeys, Schäuble is accompanied by his closest members of staff and bodyguards – and the documentary filmmaker Stephan Lamby with his cameraman. The retired Greek minister of finance, Yanis Varoufakis has spoken several times about Wolfgang Schäuble. He describes Schäuble as a ruthless politician who wanted to push Greece out of the “euro-zone.”

Now Wolfgang Schäuble is finally speaking out. For a total of six months – from the day Prime Minister Tsipras was sworn into office to the final phase of the current negotiations – Stephan Lamby had the exclusive opportunity of accompanying the minister of finance. He was also present at internal discussions with Schäuble’s staff: at meetings of the Euro-group in Brussels and Luxembourg and at talks with investment bankers in New York. The author was able to experience up close how Wolfgang Schäuble’s attitude to the new Greek government developed – how hope alternated with disappointment. The film provides unique insights into how Schäuble conducts negotiations and shows how hard it is to be a politician.


Original Title: Schäuble – Macht und Ohnmacht
Year: 2015
Length: 45' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Stephan Lamby
Produced by: ECO Media, SWR

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