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China's Ballooning Cities

45' (ENG, GER)
Megacities with no historical precedent are being created in Asia. Gigantic superstructures that defy even the ziggurats of the USA and surpass the volume and height of any buildings in Europe are being built.

Entire miniature villages with parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, administrative centres – all the necessary amenities- together with housing units and offices rear 200 to 300 meters into the sky. The so called Vertical Villages have never before been built or imagined - not even in our wildest dreams. We showcase eight projects, in the cities Chongqing, Behai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and Wuhan.

Within a period of 10 years, one million inhabited cities have been erected on the continent of Asia. Shenzhen was the precursor - a fishing village that was transformed into a city of endless skyscrapers in just 20 years. And there are the new cities that have exploded over the last decade: Ningbo, Wuhan or Ordos. In these cities, multifunctional buildings with public spaces, museums, operas, libraries, playgrounds are encased in a massive UFO-like membrane or in a megalomaniacal dinosaur’s egg. Breath-taking! We will show you the most spectacular examples.

Original Title: China's Explodierende Städte
Year: 2015
Length: 45' (ENG, GER)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Floquet, Jörg-Daniel Hissen
Produced by: Prounen Film, ZDF, 3sat

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