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A Touch of Cruelty

50' (DUT, ENG subs)

Jan Banning is one of the most famous documentary photographers in the Netherlands.

His photographs have been exhibited all over the world and he has won numerous prizes for his work. In A Touch of Cruelty, director Frank van Osch travels around the world with Jan Banning, examining his approach and the impact his father’s memories of war have had on his pictures. The result is a personal documentary about Banning’s insecurities, struggles and passion and his eye for the ‘underdogs of society’.

In another one of his series, Comfort Women, he focused on Indonesian women, who during World War II were forced to sell themselves to the Japanese army. Another riveting series, Traces of War, depicted male slave workers, who were forced by the Japanese to work on the Burma and Pakan Baru railroads. One of these down-trodden slave workers was none other than Jan's own father.

Original Title: A Touch of Cruelty
Year: 2015
Length: 50' (DUT, ENG subs)
Resolution: HD
Film by: Frank van Osch, Suzanne van Leendert, Niekie Kleintjens
Produced by: Van Osch Films, RTV Utrecht

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